17.2 – P4, P5 & M2

I know this is prices related to the date, but it gives you an idea

In this assignment I will be producing a proposal and prepare the costings for an event to meet a give brief. I will then explain how proposals and costing’s meet the brief
P4 & M2
In this part of the assignment, I will be producing a proposal to meet the brief and also how each section meets the proposal
Brief: The Tourism & Aviation Department is looking at organizing an end of year Awards ceremony for the whole department
Format of event: End of year awards ceremony 
Venue: Debden House
To have the venue for six hours it will cost £250
The layout will be a dinner dance style so the tables will be round the outside with a dance floor in the middle.  
There is free parking for the guests to park if they drive. Or if they want to drink, it a 7 min taxi drive from Debden station and it will cost around £5.50
I picked this venue because of the location and size, because it is so close to the station it will make it easier for people to attend who want to drink.  The location is also good because it is near the college where the travel and tourism students are/were studying[SB1] .  
Date and time: 15thJuly, from 6pm
Agenda/ programme:
6 to 6:30pm: Photo on arrival
7-8pm: Dinner
Awards ceremony: 8-8:30pm
8:30-9:30pm: Photo Booth
DJ and photographer will be around all night
The attendees can book a ticket through a form, which can be downloaded and filled in. Once completed, the form shall be given to the tutor or fill in via computer and send to the tutors email.
Payment methods:
The people attending can pay the fee by to a member of finance or to the travel and tourism tutors
The ticket prices are £20 for when booking two weeks after the posters and leaflets go out, and then after that the tickets will cost £25
Equipment needed:
Projector and theatre screen – £130
I decided a projector and theatre screen was needed because I though there can be pictures and videos of the Tourism and Aviation students on their trips and moments throughout the academic year(s). The theatre screen shows the pictures and videos via the projector for everyone to see and admire
Speakers, amplifier, mixing desk and stand –  £75
This was an important bit of technical equipment because without it, the DJ would be stuck. The speakers and amplifier will also help when showing the videos because it will make it easier to hear
There will be individual A5 leaflets sent to each Tourism and Aviation student so they can download it onto their computer so the leaflet does not get lost.  This will also not cost anything to do advertising for the event[SB2] .
Refreshments and catering
I have not chosen a catering company, but to order food to pick up on the morning of the event. The food choices I have picked are:
o   22 mini hot pies for £10 (steak, mushroom & red wine and chicken, ham and leek)
o   20 bacon and cheese twists for £16
o   24 vegetable spring rolls for £8
o   24 cheese and onion mini muffins for £10
o   30 quarters of classic sandwich selection for £18.50 (smoked ham and mustard, chicken salad, prawn mayonnaise, cheese and onion, egg and watercress and BLT)
o   20 mini wrap slices for £12.50 (chicken fajita, hoisin duck, chicken and bacon Caesar and Mexican 5 bean)
o   24 cheese and onion pastry rolls for £10
o   5 portions of deli style coleslaw for £25
o   5 portions of rainbow style for £30
o   12 mini tarts for £12 (toffee and milk chocolate, pecan and maple syrup, orange curd)
o   24 cheesecake bites for £12 (raspberry and white chocolate and chocolate chunks)
o   6 berry salad bowls for £90 (strawberries, grapes, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries)
o   6 fruit bowls for £72 (pomegranate, blueberry, mango, kiwi and orange)
Total cost: £299
There is also a bar within the venue, so I will be using the bar staff for the night of the event, and the cost of that is £175
A photographer is needed to take pictures of the attendees arriving and then pictures through out the night, especially of the award winners
A DJ will be needed to provide music for the people to dance to and create an atmosphere
The cost is £543
Having a DJ is important as it creates an atmosphere of the awards ceremony and the evening as a whole.
Discounted price of ticket if purchased earlier

Other- awards that can be won
vmost likely to become famous
vMost influence
vMost likely to start an own business 
vMost likely to become a teacher at Epping Forest College
vMost hard working
vMost determined
vBest hair
vBest dressed/ well presented
vBest make up
vBest double act
vBest group
vBest attendance
vWorst attendance
vMost gullible
vMost sarcastic
vMost creative
vMost caring
vMost organised
vLeast organised
vMost competitive
vBiggest drama queen
vBiggest gossip
vFunniest person
vLoudest person
vQuietest person
vHappiest person
vStudents who faced their fears
vUpbeat attitude
vBiggest improver
Health and safety factors:
·      Risk assessment
     Because the venue hires out to people, they have public liability insurance so if anything happens during the event they will take responsibility if taken further
        Delegate numbers and flow
The amount of people the venue can hold is 80, so there will be no health and safety hazards as there are only 74 people attending
          Fire safety
Due to the venue able to hire out, they have fire exit doors as well as areas outside if there is a fire, the guests will know where to go
      Security (delegate, property, building)
There will be no need to hire security/bouncers as there will be no trouble. There also doesn’t need to be any bag searches
       If by any chance there needs to be an evacuation, the guests can go to the fire safety areas outside until it is clear to go back in or just go home
          Environmental factors e.g. ventilation, air conditioning
There is air conditioning inside the venue to cool the attendees down if needed to 
Below, is an information sheet which shows all the costings for the following;
1.     Calculations per attendee
o   Ticket costs
 If 36 early bird tickets get sold and 36 normal priced tickets, it will come to £1,620
2.     Calculations of additional services
o   Transport
o   Refreshments
3.     Break of costs
v Venue hire – £250
v Technical equipment hire – £205
v Food – £299
v Bar staff – £175
v Photographer – £300
v DJ – £543
Total costs
I set a budget of £1,800 and combining the total ticket price I had £3,420 to spend, so with all of the costs subtracted it came to £1,648 so that is how much was made as a profit

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