Unit 1 – M1

I will analyse the importance of interrelationships within the one travel and tourism organisation.

Thomas Cook
Thomas cook is a tour operator, an airline company, owns resorts & hotels and own many travel agencies.  The other organisations involved with Thomas Cook are: Thomas Cook, Airtours, Club 18-30, Cresta Holidays, Cruise Thomas Cook, Direct Holidays, Escapades Holidays, Hotels 4 U, Manos holidays, Sentido Hotels, Style, Thomas Cook Signature and the Thomas Cook stores.
All of these organisations  interrelate with each other, as they all help customers have the best holiday they can.
-Thomas cook is a global travel company
-Airtours is a charter airline
-Club 18-30 is a holiday company providing holidays to party destinations
-Cresta holidays is a tour operator which specialise in city breaks and short breaks
-Cruise Thomas Cook is a tour operator which allows customers to book cruises
-Direct Holidays is an web-based travel agent
-Escapades is a tour operator which specialises in relaxing holidays
-Hotels 4 U is a website where you can book hotels
-Manos Holidays is a tour operator specialised in holidays to the Greek islands
-Stendio Hotels is a posh hotels tour operator which operates world wide
-Thomas Cook Style allows families and adults to book luxury holidays

Thomas Cook – the components of interrelationships

Thomas Cook is a large tour operator and has complex chains of distributions through many levels.
-Sales indirectly to customers via high street retail  agents (Thomas Cook Stores),via web-based agents (Direct Holidays)
-Sunset Holidays (Travel agent) rely on  Air tours as the charter airline to get the customers to the destination

-Hotels sell rooms to Sentido Hotels and Hotels 4 U, which gets them more bookings as they are more published and more customers will then be able to research about the hotel, whereas if the hotel just had its own website it might be harder for the customer to find.


To conclude, Thomas Cook is a very large tourism organisation which have many interrelationship and how each of the organisations in the chain of distribution rely on each other.

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