Unit 12 – P4 & M3

Unit 12 
Responsible Tourism 
P4 & M3
Introduction: I will be planning a holiday incorporating principles of responsible tourism to meet a specific client brief and I will then be justifying the extent to which the planned holiday meets specific principles of responsible tourism. 

David and Julia Bevan are both teachers at a secondary school, they do not have any children, they can only go away during school holidays and they want a summer holiday that takes up to five weeks, from the third week in July to the end of August. Their budget is around £4500 and does not include spending money. At home they take part in many community activities and pride themselves on their environmentally conscious life style. This means they are keen on recycling, they tend to cycle rather than drive and they buy their household products and clothes from companies with reputations for ethical trading. They want a holiday but at the same time to take part in a conservation or community project, they are happy to fly but will want to take part in a carbon offset scheme. They are very concerned that their trip follows the principles of responsible tourism and you will have to explain how their holiday does so. They want to travel to a developing country rather than a western Europe but as it will be mid-summer they don’t want temperatures too hot that is not above 40 degrees centigrade. 

  1. Flight to Nairobi, Kenya from London Heathrow
  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)
  • Dipthena, Tetanus and Polio
  • Hepatitis A

 I have decided for the Bevan’s to go to Kenya because it is still a developing country in Africa and is a good place to go for responsible tourism and does not get too hot in summer. 

The flight from Heathrow leaves at 10:15am on the 27th of July and arrive at 20:55pm. Flight number is: BA0065
The flight from Nairobi leaves at 11:0pm and lands at 05:506am on the 1st of September but leaves on the 31st of August. The flight number is BA0064. The Bevan’s will be flying in economy class. 

British Airway carbon offset scheme is when the customers can join British Airways in acting on climate change by donating towards community renewable energy projects in the United Kingdom. The donations help to save carbon emissions and make a very real difference to communities across the UK. Also they have a climate action plan which entails: developing of new low-carbon fuels, ways of saving emissions, environment projects which are supported by the donations via customers and having support and a voice for appropriate government regulations.
2) Accommodation 

To stay from the 10/07 to the 31/08 at a home stay in Nairobi and it costs £1042.77. The couple will be staying in the blue room which has:two single beds, ensuite, one wardrobe and a dresser. Including in the prices a light breakfast is included however you can pay extra for half board which will also include dinner. However Wambui gives you access to her kitchen but clean up afterwards. The rules are to look after the place, no smoking and check before inviting someone round. In the house there are indoor pets, a garden, laundry facilities and a barbecue stand. The house is an hour drive from the airport. 
For an extra fee of £25, Wambui will come and pick the couple up from the airport.

4) Attractions and activities  

Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project  
This opportunity is to help in community development projects. The aim is to support cross cultural exchanges with the help of volunteers. This development project only costs £100 per couple and they will learn important life skills and gain a sense of achievements which is helping developing countries in building important facilities such as schools and hospitals. This activity lasts for four weeks.

Aberdare National Park 

The Animals the couple could see in the national park are rhinos, leopards, baboons, monkeys. There are also over 250 species of birds inhabited in the national park. For the couple to go it will cost 76 pence as it is converted from Kenyan shillings which for both of the adults is $100.The national park is one from 6:30 in the morning till six thirty in the evening. The couple could spend the last week of their trip at this national park as there are plenty of activities to such as spending two days visiting an animal sanctuary that looks after the white and black rhinos. 
Important  information 

To enter the country you need a valid visa which you can do before leaving or whilst at the Nairobi airport and 6 months validation on a  passport is also needed

The currency is Kenyan Shillings (KES) and the time difference is GMT+3

The average temperatures for July and August are 17ºC and there is on around seven hours of sunshine daily. There on record, six rainy days per month of July and August. 

The vaccinations the Bevan’s need are: 

The couple should be up to date on routine vaccinations and boosters. There is a low chance of getting malaria and cholera but there are advisories put in place to limit the amount people getting it (don’t swim in freshwater places or drink from them, make sure if they don’t get bit by mosquitoes). 

I have priced up insurance for the couple as everyone needs insurance when they are going on holiday but also because of the activities the Bevan’s helping the local community.

Total cost of trip: £4,198.33
£301.67 remaining in the budget to spend on food and other things

Merit part of the work:

Flight – I chose to fly British Airways because of their carbon emission scheme and allows people to donate to help the future environment. Also I decided for the couple to fly from Heathrow airport as British Airways do not fly out of Gatwick to Nairobi.
Accommodation and transport – I chose for the couple to stay in a home stay rather than a hotel because of the principal of helping local residents, and by staying in peoples houses, it helps them interact with the tourists and both the homeowners and tourists are educated because they learn about different cultures. 

Activities- I decided the couple would like to take part in a community scheme where they help build places which are important and improve peoples quality of life such as; schools, hospitals and community centres where people can get together and talk. 
I also priced up for the Bevan’s to go to  the Aberdare national park because they will be enjoying the environment and helping it by paying an entry fee and they can keep going back to explore all of the national park for the week they have spare.
The rhino sanctuary is an interesting place to visit fro the couple as they enjoy conservation projects and the sanctuary are conserving the lives of the rhinos and keep them safe from the hunters.

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