Unit 13 – M1

Talking about the impact of challenges which affect tour operators

Tour Operations Today and its Challenges Part two
Tour operators are now making more and more sustainable holidays and making responsible tourism a popular thing. Responsible tourism is when people go on holidays in a sustainable way. Sustainable means protecting resources for future generations to enjoy whilst the current generation uses them now.
Responsible tourism is popular in locations where there are a few cultural and extinct species, Kenya is the most popular for responsible tourism, and this is because tourists can still do the attractions which make Kenya a tourist attraction such as a safari ride on a jeep, the sustainable way now to do a safari ride is by horseback or walking the Jeeps ruin the nature and emit too many fumes and is harming the natural environment. Another activity which is sustainable is hot air balloons rides. The accommodation is eco-friendly and is quite often built using local supplies and using local water (which is very little). Some accommodation providers who put up guests have no electricity and guests are to use natural light during the day, and are giving candles for night time and electricity costs a lot and are a waste of power. Responsible tourism has helped massively in some areas as they now have national parks.
Easyjet are another tour operator which is involved in making the environment. The main aim is to be considerate to others whilst customer’s great value and service. The four environment aims and objectives are:  To be environmentally efficient in the air and on the ground, to lead in shaping a greener future for aviation such as the ecojet (will emit 50% less CO2 and 25% quieter when going overhead). Finally they aim to have lower emissions on everything making aeroplane fares cheaper than any other company as they are not paying as much on surcharges.
Thomas Cook is tour operator which is involved with responsible tourism; their aim is to allow customers the perfect the holiday whilst at managing activities and supplies in a sustainable way. They make responsible tourism holidays which mean people have to: respect local cultures and environment, purchasing local goods and eating in local restaurants and trying local delicacies as it gives the locals money instead of it going directly to mass market shops and food places like McDonalds, not using and wasting supplies and resources like water and electricity, protecting the local wildlife (especially the endangered) and finally protecting popular and favourable holiday destinations for future generations to enjoy. 

Tour operators are being badly affected by budget airlines like Ryan air and Easyjet. More and more customers are using budget airlines to make short haul flights as it cheaper and mean they can use the spare money for another flight with the budget airline company. Thomas Cook is a tour operator which has been affected by budget airlines in a negative manner and in the UK, the company are getting rid of over 400 members of staff and selling off four Thomas Cook aircrafts, this is because as a tour operator a cheap part of a package holiday is the flights, so Thomas Cook has booked thousands and thousands of seats out on many Easyjet flights as they are a budget airline and Thomas Cook can offer customers 
great package holidays at a low cost.

Independent travellers have had a massive negative impact on tour operators as people can now book their holidays online, there are many websites allowing people to create their own package holiday they way they like to, making it more easy and adaptable to their needs, and are quite often able to get a cheaper price. Lastminute.com is an online holiday provider allowing customer to book whatever they need and want to do.

As more and more people are booking holidays and package holidays online and on the go, Tour operators have responded in a positive way.
Thomas cook has many services available on app store; the following screenshots are the most important for tourists and holidaymakers:

These apps allow customers to view the exchange rate on a daily basis on the move instead of going to check it when passing a travel agency or Bureau de change shop, this helps people as they can check for when is the best time to buy the currency they need for their holiday. The second app is travel insight, this helps customer to choose where to have their holiday and where to stay in a particular destination. Not only have tour operators have made apps for customers; they are always improving their websites making it easier and accessible for all to use the website and book product or services.

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