Unit 26 – P2

I will be planning and carry out research into a complex current issue affecting the travel and tourism sector
 Research Plan
I will be researching about how the Zika Virus is affecting the travel and tourism sector and tourism as it is a current health issue
Terms of reference
The list of words that relate to my topic are: Zika Virus, affecting, outbreak, tourism, tourists, pregnant women, Europe and Olympics
Aims and Objectives
My aim is to find out how the outbreak of Zika Virus is affecting tourism to the affected countries. I will be meeting my aim by setting out objectives, which will cover: produce questionaries’ and surveys as primary data, my second objective is research online and read statistics
Planned outcomes
By the end of my research of the topic, I would like to have an understanding on how the virus is stopping tourists visiting Brazil and be able to have knowledge about the topic when presenting
Determining possible sources and resources
To carry out my research for this topic, I will be using different sources which will include: websites, news shows and books
Task dates and review dates
I will set dates to complete each part of my research plan. I will then set review dates to check my research plan. For example, I will set a date when I want to start sending my questionaries’ out and then I will set another date when I will collect the information to analyse
I will send out my questionnaire on the 26/05/2016 and then review the results on the 07/06/2016 to then analyse my results for primary research. For my secondary research, I will start find secondary sources on the the 23rd of may to the 25th of May to help me develop my topic.
Monitor Progress
I will be checking how many responses of my surveys I am receiving once I have published to see if anyone is completing it.
I will have a back up plan incase my questionaries’ or surveys do not get answered, I will send it out to wider range of people via social media to help me gain answers for my topic
Ethical issues  
As part of my research I will not ask people to state their name on the questionaries’ and will not ask them to mention the precise age, instead I will provide age ranges for people to tick. I will also not ask people what their religion is at it may cause offence and it is not required for my research
Sources of information
I will be mainly using websites to get my information as there are many news articles published online and not a lot of information in published books as it is a recent issue. I will be using websites as it is the most beneficial way. I will also be using online magazines as there are tourism magazines relating to my chosen topic
I will be using the Harvard reference system to reference my work that will be included in the main bit of my research topic (giving a quote in the middle of my work)

I will be using a bibliography at the end of my research to show what sources of information I will be using and the dates I accessed the research and secondary data to help me with the research topic

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