Unit 3 – D1

Newquay is still maintaining on getting both kinds of tourists (inbound and domestic) and meeting their needs by having ranges of accommodation and attractions to do whilst staying in Newquay.
However, there are still recommendations for the future of tourism in Newquay. The improvements are in transport, accommodation and attractions:
Ø  Transport: Newquay town council should set up a shuttle bus service or free transport from the airport and train stations to the Newquay sea front, so the tourists know where they are and are then able to find the hotel of their choice if they don’t want to pay out for a taxi.
Ø  Accommodation: There should be more choice of hotels available, for example: Boutique hotels, Hotels/ Rooms on the sand, themed hotels, Spa hotels. There should also be a camp out on the sand during the summer months (weather according) so people can sleep under the stars but have a safe place to store the luggage
Ø  Attractions: A big theme park should be built in Newquay or in the surrounding areas as they need a new attraction to bring more tourists in and another way to create income, opening up a theme park will also create more jobs (builders, ride workers, employees selling tickets, restaurant jobs and other jobs that come with a theme park). Also all of the other purpose-built attractions should be rejuvenated so it looks pleasant for tourists to enjoy. Furthermore, there could be a music festival yearly which takes place on Newquay Beach.
Newquay Beach is effective by attracting inbound and domestic tourists to visit by always coming up with new ways to attract tourists, by making new attractions and keeping the purpose built attractions attractive and always kept clean and freshly painted. Newquay beach is accessible for all as it is easy to visit the place via aeroplane (inbound and some domestic visitors), public transport (coaches and trains) and by car. With all the different ways people can get to Newquay, there are more likely to go as it doesn’t take long to get there and the weather is mainly sunny in the summer months. There are many events that take place in Newquay are mainly surfing competitions, this is because Newquay is known worldwide for its surfing beaches and how nice and clean the beaches actually are compared to other beaches in England.        

Newquay is also effective by attracting visitors as there is things to do for all ages, meaning different groups of people visit compared to other places, Families are a big customer for places as they may only have one holiday a year and may spend a lot of money to have a holiday in the UK and would want to go somewhere which everyone would enjoy, When Families go to Newquay there is things to do for everyone: the children can go to the theme park, the grandparents can go to the historical and cultural attractions and the parents can go shopping, when they all go out together they can all go to one of the many pleasant beaches Newquay has to offer. Newquay also attraction tourists who enjoy surfing as a hobby or as a sport, this is because of the excellent surfing conditions some of the beaches have and come over to Newquay (if from another country) to simply go surfing or enter a competition. Overall Newquay has a huge amount of inbound and domestic tourists every year and the aim is for the tourists to have such a good time they keep coming back.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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