Unit 6 Preparing for employment in Travel & Tourism P1

Describe career opportunities within different industries in the travel and tourism industry in a leaflet format 

The accommodation sector is to provide a place to stay for customers for one night and over. 

Hotel receptionist 
The role of a Receptionist is to greet guests when they arrive and to check the guests in and out of their rooms. They also answer any queries the guests may have face to face or via the hotel phones.
The progression routes of being a Hotel Receptionist is becoming a Night Receptionist and then Head Receptionist 

Hotel manager
The role of a Hotel Manager is to manage and maintain the operations and the daily routines of the hotel.
There are many progression routes for Hotel Manager and they range from working in another hotel of the same chain or to have your own hotel 

House Keeping
The roles of being a House Keeper is to clean rooms and all areas of the accommodation whether it be the lobby or corridors.
The house keeping progression routes is to become Head of House Keeping for the same hotel or a higher ranked hotel (a large five-star resort instead of a small three-star hotel)

Many accommodation providers have Chefs to cook the meals for the restaurant(s) and room service, so the role is very important. The progression routes for being a Chef is becoming a Chef from being an Apprentice Chef, Head Chef or Specialty Chef  

Airports & Airlines

The airline sector is a system of transportation and is part of the aviation industry

Air Hostesses
The role of an Air Hostess is to provide excellent customer service and customer safety throughout the flight. The typical progression routes of this job is:  Head of Cabin Crew, or transfer to long haul airline (if on short haul airline company)

Airline Pilots have extreme responsibility for the safety of the passengers and air hostesses on the flights they carry out Pilots can progress onto is Captain (senior pilot) or Flight Instructor for future Pilots   

Schedule coordinator
Schedule Coordinator maintains crew records and plans what flights the Air Hostesses work on. Progression routes for a schedule coordinator are: becoming a Senior Schedule Coordinator and then the Chief of Schedule 

Airline ticket agent
Ticket Agents are located at the boarding gates and check passenger tickets before the passengers go on the plane. The progression routes for Airline Ticket Agents is to become Head Ticket Agent or be a Ticket Agent for a long haul airline 

Visitor Attractions
The visitor attractions sector is where people visit attractions whether they are man-made or natural

Ride engineer 
The roles of a Ride Engineer are to be on the site incase a ride has a problem or breaks down or improve it for the future. 
The progression routes for a Ride Engineer is to be Head Ride Engineer or Manager for all Engineers for within in the chain. An even higher job is becoming Director of Engineering for rollercoasters in a well known theme park

Attraction reviewer 
 This job is to write personal experiences for each attraction they have visited in a blog format. The progression routes for this job role are: become a Worldwide Attraction Reviewer and even publish a book with personal reviews.

Ticket booth assistant
The main role of a Ticket Booth Assistant   is to collect the tourist’s money and give them a ticket or wrist band to show they have paid.
The progression route for ticket Booth Assistant is to become Manager of Ticket Booth Assistants for the same attraction or a bigger chain of attractions

Event planner 
This job can be planning events for the whole area surrounding the visitor attractions or planning an event within the attraction which could relate to the time of year (Easter, Halloween or Christmas for example)
The progression routes for an Event Planner is to be Lead Planner on events and then Head Planner to delegate jobs to Lower Planners  

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