Unit 8 Long Haul Destination – Notes

In the context of this unit, a long haul destination is one with a flight time from UK of over six hours. All European, North African and Asian countries boarding the Mediterranean are therefore excluded.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Be able to locate major long haul destinations
  2. Know the types of holidays offered within long haul destinations 
  3. Understand how factors can affect travel to long haul destinations 
  4. Know the features and facilities that contribute to the appeal of long haul destinations for different types of visitors 
  5. Be able to plan a long haul tour

Why People go to Long Haul Destinations?
  • Special occasions 
  • Medical 
  • Honeymoons and Weddings
  • Business 
  • Relaxation 
  • Media influences
  • Image
  • Shopping 
  • Attractions 
  • Safaris
  • Waterfalls 
  • Activities
  • Extreme sport 
Factors that Affect Travel to Long Haul Destinations:
  • Jetlag 
  • Weather/Climate 
  • Exchange Rate
  • Natural Disasters 
  • Media Influences 
  • Terrorism 
  • Time – Zone 
  • Image of Provision 
  • Health 
  • Length of Flight 
  • DVT
  • Seasonality 
  • Extreme Climate Conditions – Monsoons and Hurricanes
  • Entry Requirements – Visas and Vaccination Certificates 
  • Travel Restrictions – International conflicts and FCO Advice 
  • Safety – Crime and Unrest 
  • Health Issues – Prevalence of disease, HIV and Pandemics 
  • Social Situations – Poverty and Exploitation 

Identify a minimum of five features that affect long haul travel in the kuoni brochure 

Time Zones and Length of Flight 
  • Long haul travellers pass through many time zones
  • GMT envolved in 1884 – base time for all parts in the world
  • Each area of the world is either in front or behind 
Seasonality and Extreme Climate Condition 
  • LHD have particular times of the year for best times 
  • Some destinations have rainy seasons and high humidity 
  • Monsoons, hurricanes and tropical storms = devastating 
Entry Requirements and Travel Restrictions 
  • May need to apply for a visa in advance 
  • Vaccination certificates may also be a requirement 
Safety and Security 
  • Crime and unrest can be a problem, tourist police to ensure safety and security of visitors 
  • Some destinations say tourism can’t go to certain areas 
  • Terrorism attacks makes more people aware
Health Issues 
  • DVT – Flight socks, exercises and walk up and down the plane 
  • HIV and diseases may be common in some developing countries
  • Travel insurance is needed
Social Issues 
  • Culture Shock – poverty, diseases and malnutrition 
  • Support locals by buying local crafts and going on appropriate trips 
  • Respect the culture and give something back 
Features and facilities 
  • Accessibility 
  • Attractions 
  • Destination facilites 
  • Climate 


  1. Identify features and facilities that contribute to the appeal of a long haul destination 
  2. Describe the appeal to different types of visitors from the UK – P4
Features and facilities 
  • Accessibility 
  • Attractions 
  • Destination facilites 
  • Climate 


  • Methods of transport 
  • Availability and frequency 
  • Travelling time 
  • Cost
  • Suitability for the traveller – classes available and facilities provided
  • Convenience – direct flights 

  • Natural – Mountains, Beaches and Lakes 
  • Built – Theme Parks, Historical Buildings, Monuments and Art Galleries
  • Events – Carnivals, Sports and Music
  • Shopping – Markets, Malls and Famous Stores
  • Cultural –  Religion and Traditions
Destination Facilites

  • Local Transport 
  • Accommodation – range and cost 
  • Other – sport, entertainment and food and drink
  • Positive features – sun and snow 
  • Negative features – humidity and extreme weather 
Types of Visitors  (From the UK)
  • Leisure – Families, Couples, Gap Year Travellers, VFR
  • Business
  • Other – Medical, Educational and Volunteers 

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