Unit 8 P2

A long haul travel destination is a long haul travel destination is one with a flight time from the UK over six hours.
Asia: Historical – Great Wall of China, Beijing
The flight time to the nearest airport (Hong Kong) is 11.5 hours
Beijing is China’s capital for over 800 years and is the country’s cultural heart. 
The great wall of china is one of the seven wonders of the world and is described as an ancient world wonder that winds for more than 5,500 miles across China, with towers & walkways.
The visitor motivations are: activities as you walk over the bridge/wall. Culture and historical as it has been around over 2000 years and educational because you can learn so much about it. 
There are four different touring holidays Kuoni offer which vary from 9 to 16 nights away.
Kuoni also offer multi-centre holidays to different cities in Asia 

North America: Purpose Built – Disney World
Disney World, is an entertainment complex and is located in Florida.It takes nine hours to fly to Orlando international airport . Walt Disney is a great place to have a single centre holiday as it is full of things to do as there is four theme parks and two water park to keep all kinds of people occupied. When booking a trip with Virgin Holidays you get extra hours in the theme parks (before and after other people) and you also get Disney dining plans allowing you to eat in the parks.
Typical motivations are entertainment (because there are four theme parks) and media influences so wanting to go as they see lots of pictures and reviews about the place 
South America: City – Rio de Janeiro
Flight time: 11.5 hours
Rio de Janeiro is a city in Brazil and is mainly know for the Jesus statue and the world’s largest carnival. 
You can Book a multi centre Tour with Kuoni for a 12 night away tour with: Manaus, Rio de Janeiro, Iguaçu and  Salvador. This multi centre holiday allows people to visit and see the most historic, cultural and natural highlights, Experience a stay in a jungle lodge in the Amazon rainforest, the world-famous sights of vibrant Rio, the spectacular Iguaçu Falls and the historic Pelourinho of Salvador.Kuoni also offer a cruising holiday which stops off at Rio de Janeiro. Visitor Motivations to Rio include: activities as you can walk to the Christ the Redeemer,  Culture and history by learning about the area and why the statue was built, sport reasons to go see where the 2016 olympic games are happening and media influences as people want to go to the destination where the world cup last year was held and take pictures of the beautiful vibrant city. 
Africa: Natural Attraction – Botswana
Botswana is located country in southern Africa.
Botswana is a great place to go for a safari as they offers some of the finest safari experiences in all of Africa. The best time to go on a  safari is during the months of March to November due to the cooler weather and not as big rainfall. Kuoni offer two safaris and one tour to book on a holiday to. 
Visitor motivations to Botswana are likely to be: relaxation, honeymoons, a safari in the natural world, volunteering (helping build schools and medical places) and media influences (writing a report or article on the safari for a travel magazine or work related.
Australasia: Coastal Area – Great Barrier Reef, Queensland
 Flight time: takes around around 21 hours. 
Queensland is in the northeast of Australia.
Kuoni offers different holidays types around the great barrier reef, you can either have a single centre or a cruise holiday. The  main attraction is scuba diving/snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. A different way of viewing the worlds biggest coral reef area is by flying over in a small plane so you get a birds eye view. 

Visitor motivations to go to Queensland is to go for an activity holiday by snorkelling and diving in the great barrier reef and also relaxing on the surrounding beaches, the other visitor motivation can be visiting friends and relatives because many UK people now live out in Australia.

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