Unit 8 – P5 & M3

Client Information:
Mr and Mrs Smith are from Romford and are celebrating their 40thwedding anniversary Next year they would like to spend the month of September 2016 touring around Australia. They would like to spend the first four nights and the last two nights in Sydney. They would like to explore the most of Australia as they can and would like to visit at least four centres. They would also like to travel around in a camper van for part of the trip. Whilst on the trip they would like to see as many of the main attractions as possible and any events which are on whilst in the cities. They are interested in the natural wonders and the environment.
Flight to Sydney
One way flight from London Gatwick flying with Emirates
The total flight time is 22 hours and 35 minutes which is including the hour and forty minutes stop over in Dubai.
The departure date is on the 31st August at 2:30pm and arrive at Sydney airport on the

1st September of September at 10:05pm.
Going on the 12th September. Mr and Mrs Smith can listen to talks from the keepers on each animal. There are animal experiences as well for free where you can pet the koalas and feed the kangaroos as well as the wallabies. For the day trip including  a coach transfer it will cost £67.12

Flight from Adelaide to Perth
The wild life park has the largest private collection of native wildlife in Western Australia, it takes around three hours to go around the park. There is a souvenir shop selling Australian souvenirs and collectables to buy. There is also a kiosk selling hot and cold drinks and light lunches. Sign posts and foot prints are on the paths to follow to the 6 sections of the wildlife park which are: North east, Kangaroo enclosure, South west, Molly’s farm, north and South east.There are also daily shows at each section. The entry cost is £26.86 to go on the 17th of September in the morning

The taxi prices are rough averages and the times are how long it takes without any traffic
Mr and Mrs Smith will need six months on their passports when leaving and entering Australia, They do not need any injections before travelling as they do not live in a country where yellow fever is occurring, however they need to take their driving licences to drive around the centres when in the camper van

The luggage allowance is 30KG per person and there is unlimited drinks on board.
Flight numbers:
EK016 – London Gatwick to Dubai international
EK144 – Dubai international to Sydney
Cost: £1,595.10 for both of the adults[SB1] 
Hotel in Sydney for four nights
Staying four nights in the Dive hotel
Mr and Mrs Smith will check in on the 1st September to a room with a Queen sized bed and then check out is the 4th September. The price of the stay is £377.64. The price includes breakfast everyday, a kitchenette in the room and free Wi-Fi. 
Attractions and excursions in Sydney

1.    Small group Sydney City tour with luxury Sydney harbour cruise
This excursion starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm. It leaves from Campbell’s Cove. The two hour Sydney harbour sightseeing cruise does not include lunch on board but each person gets a voucher to get a discount at three restaurants. Then after lunch there is a 3.5 hour afternoon city tour of Sydney to learn about the city’s history by listening to the tour guide commentary on the highlights. The couple will go on this tour on the 3rd of September and it will cost £201.34
2.  Sydney opera house and harbour bridge
 As Mr and Mrs Smith are going to Australia in September, there are no tours after march so the couple can just look at the opera house and the harbour bridge from a distance. They can go on the 2nd of September and it is free.
3.   Featherdale wildlife Park
The wildlife park is open 9-5pm. You can spend all day at the wildlife park watching animals being fed and having cuddles at the koala sanctuary as .There is also a cafe at the park for the couple to have a drink and sandwich if they want (extra cost). The entry cost is £29.35
4.   Sea life Centre
There is a talk at 12:30 which the couple can attend when at the aquarium at 1-3pm as they are going in the afternoon and have a time slot.  The ticket entrance fee is £35.82
5.     Sydney Eye                             
As Mr and Mrs Smith are going to Sydney in September, it is one of the best months to go on the Sydney eye in evening as the sunsets are amazing.
The time slot I have chosen is 5-7pm on the 2nd of September and it will cost £21.09
Camper van hire
The pick up of the camper van hire is at Sydney at 11am on the 5th of September and drop off in Adelaide at 3pm on the 14th of September.
The camper-van has a toilet and a shower. There is also hot water, microwave, fridge and cooking hobs. It is a manual and has a sleeping capacity for two people. There is a double bed and a cab over.
It costs £555.82
Drive from Sydney to Melbourne
It will take around 8 hours and 40 minutes without any traffic travelling via the M31 for 878.2 km. I have just used each centre as a pin point without any details of other locations The directions are below:
 Attractions and excursions in Melbourne
1. Great Ocean Road Small Group Eco-Tour from Melbourne
I have arranged for the couple to go on a full day tour on the 6th September. The bus departs at 7am and returns and 9:30pm meaning the excursion lasts got 14 and a half hours. All of the vehicles have Wi-Fi onboard. The main highlights of the trip are: taking leisurely walks along the Kennet River which is one of the best places to see Koalas in their natural habitat, Visiting the Great Otway National Park as it is a rainforest with animals like Kangaroos and Swamp wallabies.
To go on this trip costs £126.46 for the couple on the 6th September.
Because of this trip happening whilst they have their camper van hire and they are not staying at a hotel where they can be picked up. A month before the tour they will  receive details and directions to the departure point.
2. Melbourne Zoo
The zoo is open from 9am to 5pm, however I have planned another trip in the afternoon of the 7th of September so the couple will have the morning at the zoo. During the morning, there are many talks from different animal keepers. The entry fee is £31.44 for two adult tickets
3. Healesville Sanctuary
 I have planned for the couple to go to the Healesville sanctuary in the morning of the 10th of September before driving to Adelaide. It is one of the best places in Victoria to see and interact with the wildlife and there is seven different tracks for Mr and Mrs Smith to walk around and view different animal types
4.  Melbourne museum
I have decided for the couple to go to the Melbourne museum in the afternoon after the visit in the morning to the zoo. There are lots of exhibitions in the museum and I have also booked Mr and Mrs Smith to go and watch an I-max film which is being shown on the 7th of September. The entry fee and the cost to see the film is £26.86 for two adults.
5.  Dandenong Ranges National Park
This national park is known for its spectacular mountain ash trees and fern gullies. The park is ideal for picnics and forest walks. It is open from 6 in the morning till 9 at night and takes about an hour to drive from Melbourne. There are five main sections to the Dandenong Ranges: Doongalla Forest, Ferntree Cully, Sherbooke Forest, Olinda Forest and Mt Evelyn forest.  There are walking and hiking tours to participate in for a small cost however to visit the National Park it is free.
Drive from Melbourne to Adelaide
Attractions and excursions in Adelaide
1.  Botanic garden and park
The garden and park are next to each other so the couple can spend the afternoon of the 12th of September. There is a free entry fee but to park the camper van in the car park for four hours will cost £1.30. There are six gardens to explore with popular and unusual flowers such as the water lily and the Corpse flower (one of the world’s largest flowers)
2.  Heysen trail
There is a beginners walking tour on the 11th of September around the Cox’s scrub, the tour is ideal for people who are not regular walks and the walk is not physically demanding. The walking tour lasts three to four hours and starts at 11am and costs £7.97
3.  Belair National Park
The national park is open from eight in the morning till sunset. The park is one of 15 bio diversity areas in Australia and is also one of the relatively undisturbed areas of native vegetations. To pay to enter and parking will cost £137.31
5.  Morialta Conservation Park
This conservation park is free to enter and there are many waterfalls and rugged ridges to walk along. There are three waterfalls along the Forth Creek for Mr and Mrs Smith to enjoy and there are also walking trails. Also there are rock pools and creeks which are perfect habitats for frogs, reptiles and birds which the couple will enjoy because they like the environment. There are walking trails for the couple to walk if they want to[SB6] .   

 Depart on the 15th of September at 3:10pm and arrive in Perth at 5:05pm
The total flight time is three hours and 25 minutes.
Flight number is JQ974 and flying on an Airbus A320
The total cost is £267.66 including the plus bundle
The plus bundle includes 20KG of checked luggage per person, five Australian dollars to spend on food and drink during the flight. The bundle also allows people to select their seat on the plane for free but only a standard seat.
 Hotel in Perth
Mr and Mrs Smith will be staying in the Comfort Hotel Perth City from the 15th to the 22nd of September in a premium economy king room. In the room there is free Wi-Fi, a TV and a tea and coffee maker.
The cost of the hotel room is £655.64
Attractions and excursions in Perth
1.     Best Swan River Scenic cruise
The cruise lasts for two hours and 30 minutes. The couple will see sight including: the bell tower, Kings park  and Fremantle Harbour, learning about places through live commentary with plenty of photo opportunities. Also on the tour there is unlimited tea and coffee. As the cruise departs at 2:15pm ,there is wine tasting onboard with a selection of fine wines from Western Australia. The cost is £77.80 for the couple to go on the 16th of September.
2.    Fremantle harbour/Victoria Quay
The waterfront area is open to the public and there is: cafes, markets, museums, fishing spots and public art. There are also eleven self-guided walking tours, free bike hire and a cat bus. Mr and Mrs Smith can eat at four places. They can visit the harbour and the quay the morning of the 16th of September.
3.   John Forrest National Park
There are a variety of plants and wildlife at this national park. There is also a picnic area where the couple can have a barbecue and eat the food in a tavern surrounded by gardens of cultivate plants. Also they can go on bush walks through the park. It is free to enter. Mr and Mrs smith can visit the national park on the 17th September in the afternoon.
4.  Bubbulmin Track
Daily walking tours take place where the couple can do a self guided short walk for beginners. The map pack contains: a see through map carrier, a Bubbulmin track map of the Smith’s choice, other suggested walks of the certain area, full walk notes and directions, contact distils for transport operators and walking tips and ideas. The map pack costs £9.95 on the 18th of September. There are six locations to choose from: Darling Range, Dwellingpup, Blalingup, Walpole, Pemberto and Denmark/Albany[SB7] 
Flight from Perth to Brisbane
Depart on the 22nd September
The flight time is four hours and 25 minutes.
The flight leaves Perth airport at 12:45pm and arrives at Brisbane airport at 7:10pm
The luggage allowance is 23KG per person. There is unlimited non alcoholic beverages for the couple to enjoy during the flight. Due to booking the flight early, you are able to pre-select the seats.
Flight number: VA469
Flying on an aircraft A332
Cost: £334.33
Hotel in Brisbane
The couple will be staying in the Adina Apartment Hotel Brisbane Anzac Square from the 23rd to the 27th of September. The accommodation is a studio queen room which has as a view of the city . Also in the room there is tea and coffee making facilities, an iron and board, a safe and also a hair dryer.
Cost: £295.35
Attractions and excursions in Brisbane
1.   Stradbroke Island Day Trip from Brisbane
The tour lasts for a whole day and is guided throughout. The couple can participate in viewing the marine wildlife at the Moreton Bay where there are dolphins, turtles, manta rays and whales. A guided hike along the North Gorge Walk. Also they can swim in the fresh water lakes. It is famous for the  natural attractions. Lunch is included at the Stradbroke Island Hotel.  £135.20 for the trip on the 24th of September
2.     Rocks riverside park
You can enjoy the water play area and walk along the 800 metre riverside promenade. You can also view the public art which reflects the parks heritage and there is also 8,000 metres2 of open grass space. Mr and Mrs Smith can go on the 27th of September in the morning in the morning.

3.    St Helena Island National Park
The island is the most historic island in Queensland and the couple can spend from Sunday 10am — 3pm. Mr and Mrs Smith can get to the national park by a cruise which costs £73.61 and includes the cruise, a dramatised tour and lunch. The couple can go on the 25th of September as it is the only Sunday whilst they are in Perth[SB8] . 
4.   Coochiemudlo Island
The island is reachable by a short ferry trip from  Victoria Point which will cost £4.97. The island has 4 km of safe beaches and the island is only 5 square kilometres.

5.   Mount Glorious
This mountain area is a great place to bird watch because there are still strands of native towering rainforest where tropical birds and parrots live.
Mr and Mrs Smith can visit the mountain/rainforest area on the 26th of September.
Flight from Brisbane to Sydney
Fly out of Brisbane and arrive in Sydney on the 27th September
The flight departs at 5:20pm and lands at 6:55pm meaning the flight is an hour and 35 minutes long.
Flight number is JQ821 and flying on an airbus A320. The cost is £113.79 which includes in the plus bundle.
The plus bundle includes 20KG of checked luggage per person, five Australian dollars to spend on food and drink during the flight. The bundle also allows people to select their seat on the plane for free but only a standard seat.
Hotel in Sydney
Meriton Serviced Apartments Kent Street is where Mr and Mrs Smith will be staying for the last two nights of their trip. They will be staying in a classic studio which has a kitchenette and laundry facilities. Also in the building there is an indoor swimming pool with a hot tub attached to it, a fitness centre and a sauna. The hotel cost £296
Flight from Sydney to Gatwick
This is a one way flight with Emirates, leaving on the 31st of September at 6:45pm  and arriving back in London Gatwick airport on the 1st of October at 12:35pm. The couple will have a stopover of two hours and forty-five minutes in Dubai. The total flight time is 26 hours and 50 minutes.
Flight numbers and planes:
EK419- Sydney to Dubai international/ Boeing 777
EK015 – Dubai International to London Gatwick/ Airbus A380
Cost: £1,313.22
Taxi prices and arrangements
Romford to Gatwick airport — £72, the drive takes an 1 hour 3 minutes and is 81.9 km apart
Sydney airport to Dive hotel — £43.34, the drive takes an hour and 20 minutes and is 10.7 km apart
Dive hotel to Campbell’s Cove Pontoon – £39.92, the drive takes 23 minutes and is 10.3 km apart
Dive hotel to Sydney Opera house and bridge — £51.12, the drive takes 23 minutes and is 16.2 km apart
Dive hotel to Featherdale Wildlife Park – £113.72, the drive takes an hour and 3 minutes and is 47 km apart
Dive hotel to Sydney Sea life centre — £39.74, the drive takes 20 minutes and is 9.7 km apart
Dive hotel to Sydney eye — £38.22 , the drive takes 20 minutes and is 9.8 km apart
Perth airport to Comfort Hotel Perth City – £49.84, the drive takes 22 minutes and is 15.9 km apart
Comfort hotel to Pier 3, Barrack Square – £14.58, the drive takes 6 minutes and is 1.8 km apart
Comfort hotel to Fremantle harbour — £66.06, the drive takes 33 minutes and is 20.2 km apart
Comfort hotel to John Forrest National Park – £87.72, the drive takes 36 minutes and is 29.2 km apart
Comfort hotel to Caversham’s wildlife park — £71.14, the drive takes 33 minutes and is 22.5 km apart
Comfort hotel to Bubbulmin track — £84.84, the drive takes 43 minutes and is 30.6 km apart
Brisbane airport to Adina Apartments Hotel Brisbane Anzac Square – £51.98, the drive takes 26 minutes and is 15.9 km apart
Adina Apartments to Rocks Riverside Park – £46.04, the drive takes 20 minutes and is 14.3 km apart
Adina Apartments to ST Helena Island National Parks – £57.46, the drive takes 27 minutes and is 18.4 km apart
Adina Apartments to Victoria point — £92.20, the drive takes 43 minutes and is 35.2 km apart
Adina Apartments to Mount Glorious – £101.98, the drive takes 50 minutes and is 40.3 km apart
Sydney airport to Meriton Serviced Apartments – £55.16, the drive takes 19 minutes and is 13.4 km apart
Passport, Visa and health Requirements
Travel insurance
£148.14 which covers any medical visits, cancellations, loss of baggage and valuable items, money if stolen and personal items
Total cost:   £8,228.84
Merit part of the work:
I decided for the couple to fly out of Gatwick because it was cheaper than flying out of Heathrow and I chose for the couple to fly with emirates because they were the cheapest and had the shortest stopover time in Dubai.
I chose for the camper van hire to be for two centres because it will be more enjoyable for the couple and allows them to explore more.
I decided on visiting five centres because the couple had all of September to visit Australia and I thought that they could spend a leisurely stay at each place.
I planned the excursions and activities in each centre with great precision and planned them around the couples interest which was the environment and natural wonders

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